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Schedule a

Farm Tour!

Blackthorn Lavender bundle Farm Tour

Available for Groups of 5 to 15 

Mid-June through Mid-July

$20 Per Person, $5 (Under 12)

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Available for Groups of 5 to 15      Mid-June through Mid-July    $20 Per Person, $5 (Under 12)

Experience the serene beauty and aromatic allure of Blackthorn Lavender by scheduling a lavender farm tour today!

Nestled near Sugar Grove, West Virginia, our family farm sits alongside the picturesque Blackthorn Creek, providing an idyllic setting for cultivating lavender as well as enjoying an educational (and relaxing!) stroll. 

During your 60-minute lavender farm tour, Trish Uptain, co-owner of Blackthorn Lavender, will lead you through the farm. 

  • Learn about the art of lavender growing, harvesting, and processing.
  • Gain insights into the various value-added products we offer, from fragrant bouquets and culinary delights to soothing essential oils and lotions.
  • Harvest your own bouquet of lavender to take home.
  • Browse our pop-up shop full of Blackthorn Lavender products.
  • Enjoy the sweet, refreshing treat of a lavender lemonade tasting during a Q&A with Trish.

To schedule your tour, simply fill out our Tour Request Form, and we will contact you soon to confirm your visit. See you soon!

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