Lavender Varieties

Lavandula angustifolia – True Lavender – English Lavenders

Royal Velvet – This is one of the most popular Lavender varieties currently grown. Grows from 24 to 36″, with stems reaching lengths of 12-15″. This very showy variety blooms in the early summer and buds are a rich, dark velvet color. Royal Velvet is an excellent choice for drying as it holds its dark color, for crafting and its sweet flavor is excellent for culinary use.

Sachet – Plants grow 18-24″, with stem lengths of 12″. It blooms in late spring and throughout the summer. Flower buds have a pleasant sweet fragrance and attractive sky blue color. As its name implies it is a perfect candidate for sachets potpourris and dream pillows. It also lends itself to culinary use as well.

Folgate – One of the better angustifolia essential oil producers, Folgate produces high-yield crops for culinary use. It also makes an excellent cut flower and smells great in sachets and potpourris. Folgate’s buds are a lovely violet-blue color and have a sweet fragrance. The plant has small, narrow leaves and may grow to heights of 30″. It blooms in mid to late spring and is cold hardy.

Buena Vista – This strong fragranced, slow growing lavender blooms twice a year, in late spring and in the fall when accompanied by mild weather conditions. Known as an excellent candidate for culinary use, its buds are light blue with a dark blue calyx. It reaches heights of 18-24″ and has a more loose, informal growing habit than other angustifolias.

Lavandula intermedia – Lavandin – Hybrid Lavender

Grosso – A large showy, disease resistant plant growing from 24-36″ in height. Its stems range from 16-20″ in length, making it a great choice for fresh and dried flower bouquets. Bloom time is mid-summer. Buds are a medium purple with a strong lavender fragrance and a hint of camphor. This variety is one of the largest essential oil producers in the world.

Stem cuttings are the preferred method to propagate all lavender cultivars. Both English and Spanish Lavender are not true to seed and intermedias are sterile. All lavender grown at Blackthorn Lavender Farm originates from stem cuttings.